Electrical Installation Condition Reports

A Electrical Installation Condition Report of a property consists of, a visual inspection of the electrical installation, and live and dead testing of the installation by a suitably qualified electrician. On completion of the visual inspection and testing of the installation, a Electrical Installation Condition Report is issued. This states if there are any faults, and if the installation is safe to use at the time of the test. If electrical faults are found, we can provide a quotation for rectifying these faults. It should be remembered that all electrical installations, should be tested & inspected at regular recommended intervals.

Main reasons for test & inspections

BS 7671 states every electrical installation should be periodically tested & inspected

What happens during the testing & inspection

How long will it take

How long a Electrical Installation Condition Report takes depends on many factors, but most normal 3 bedroom terrace houses, take between 2 & 4 hours to complete. The regulations state all electricians must complete a minimum of 10% checks of an installation, but it is down to the owner and the contractor how far the testing is permitted. The contractor and the owner decide how far checks are made and for what price, normally electricians do not lift floorboards or carpets.

A limited amount of dismantling is done to complete visual inspections & testing, again this is discussed with the owner to decide how far a test & inspection should go. If faults are found within an installation, we are required to go further than 10% or let the owner know more testing & inspecting is required.

The time stated above to test & inspect a 3 bedroom property, is an approximate time most electricians would take. If you employ an electrician to conduct a test in a property, and it takes less than 2 hours, it is not being done properly. Even the smallest of properties will take about 2 hours to complete, so if it has been done quicker, we would question the integrity of the report and the person carrying it out.

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