Fixed Wire (Periodic) Testing

The purpose of Fixed Wire Testing (also known as Periodic Inspection and Testing) is to ensure the safety of people and property.

Public Buildings are required to have their electricity supplies checked regularly, and landlords are required to provide tenants with an electrical installation that is safe and in both good condition and repair.

Periodic testing assures you and the inspectors of a safe working environment for employees as well as providing landlords with certification for the safety of tenants.

Abre Electrical guarantee a friendly, prompt and thorough service backed up by C&G qualifications, see details of our Liability Insurance.

At Abre Electrical we can offer Periodic testing in all sorts of buildings.

The required frequency of electrical testing (Periodic)

Periodic Testing of Buildings open to the Public

  • Cinemas - annually
  • Churches (under 5 years old) - every 2 years
  • Churches (over 5 years old) - annually
  • Leisure Complexes - annually
  • Places of Public Entertainment - annually
  • Restaurants, Pubs and Hotels - annually
  • Theatres - annually

Periodic Testing of External Installations

  • Agricultural and Horticultural - 3 years
  • Caravans - 3 years
  • Caravan Sites - annually
  • Highway power supplies - 6 years

Periodic Testing of Specialist Installations for example:

  • Emergency Lighting - 3 years
  • Fire Alarms - annually
  • Laundrettes - annually
  • Petrol Stations - annually
  • Temporary Installations - 3 months

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